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For the 2019 version of JacTravel Canada Confidential Summer Tariff, we continue to work closely with Destination Canada to highlight the Canadian Signature Experience (CSE). The focus of the CSE program is to promote export-ready, once-in-a-lifetime experiences throughout Canada. The concept is also to deliver on Canada's brand promise - "Come to Canada and create extraordinary stories all your own."

Throughout the 2019 Tariff please keep you eyes open for the following logo that will assist you in identifying the unique CSE product.

This denotes that the program is a Canadian Signature Experience OR that the package contains a Canadian Signature Experience component, which will be highlighted in the text. For many Itineraries we have created a Canadian Signature Experience Package that you can use to upgrade the tour for your clients. For help on creating your own CSE Itinerary or to book one we have created, please contact fit@jactravel.bc.ca

For more information contact sales@jactravel.bc.ca