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Deline Cultural Experience
Unique and exclusive visit to the home of the Dene First Nation in the Northwest Territories!
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Deline Cultural Experience - 4 Nights of immersive cultural experience in the Dene First Nation home in the Northwest Territories!
Deline, Northwest Territories – the birthplace of Hockey, home to the biggest lake trout in the world, and the only community on the western shore of Great Bear Lake.

Alone on a Lake approximately the size of the Netherlands and near the Arctic Circle, Deline is a place where the culture and traditions of the Dene First Nation flourish. There are no roads to bring you here most of the year – air access is the only option. For its people, this remoteness means a connection to the land remains a way of life. For visitors, cultural experiences and outdoor adventures take place against the backdrop of solitude and silence of this scenic northern landscape. Experience the Deline Way of Life. Immerse yourself in the life of the people of the Dene Nation with this all-inclusive package.

Fish Great Bear Lake with local guides as they catch not for sport but for a community feast. Walk the path of their nomadic ancestors, berry picking and learning about the flora, fauna and traditional medicines taken directly from the land. Silently canoe through an arctic forest, listening to stories about life in the North from your local host. Sit in with local artisans as they tan hides and sew to create moccasins, gloves and boots made from caribou hide and beaver fur with an array of colorful intricate beadwork.

From $3810/person on Twin Share Basis 5 Day / 4 Night package including return Airfare Yellowknife to Deline. There are three (3) guaranteed departure dates - May 23, July 25 & August 29. Contact for availability.